Did Israel really support Apartheid South Africa?

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As the son of an anti-apartheid activist who was also a soldier in two Israeli wars at the same time as opposing apartheid, I can point out that the truth is closer to the opposite:

before the seventies, Israel was one of the most anti Apartheid countries in the world, and even trained anti-Apartheid activists.

Israel helped support newly independant African countries, and invested heavily in their development and decolonization.

all this during a time when America and the West were supporting Rhodesia and Apartheid South-Africa, and Western puppet dictators like Mobutu in the Congo, who they installed there to protect Western interests after murdering the democratically elected socialist, Patrice Lemumba.

After the Yom-Kippur war , Arab States bribed Africa states with oil to sever ties with Israel.

When they took the bait and betrayed Israel, together with South African liberation movements who were aligned with the Soviet/Arab block, she was left isolated, and the similarly isolated Apartheid government became a natural ally- not exactly a crown of glory, but no different to the “new South Africa’s ” alliance with Gaddafi, China, and other dictators-

The so-called right-wing Menachem Begin is described by one of his closest aides as an admirer of Nelson Mandela, at a time when Mandela was still in prison and openly aligned with the then “him who may not be named” Yasser Arafat, our biggest foe.

In short, our little Israel has done much more for Africa than any of the Arab nations that oppose us- our record might not be perfect, but in the greater picture, we have far more to be proud of than ashamed of!

One thought on “Did Israel really support Apartheid South Africa?

  1. : The facts about Israel and the South African apartheid regime – Maurice Ostroff – Yoni : This subject was exceptionally well researched by Maurice Ostroff. You will be pleasantly surprised with what his research shows.

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