DA taking a big risk by praising Mandela and Mbeki

In the excellent TV commercial recently censored by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, but now back on the air after the threat of court action,  the Democratic Alliance’s very eloquent candidate for Gauteng Premier, Mmusi Maimane, tell South Africa’s that the ANC of Jacob Zuma is not the same ANC of the great leaders that they voted for in the past.

for a party that used to attack these ‘great leaders”, one of whom, “Thabo Mbeki” was an HIV denialist and great supporter of Robert Mugabe, this is a rather hypocritical strategy.

One only hopes, that in contrast to the views expressed in the below article, the strong impact of the advert and message will at least help to woo some votes from those who have always loved the ANC but are now focused on Zuma’s crimes.

People, after all, have short memories.



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