Science and Torah- age of the universe?

Scientists just admitted that they got the age of the earth wrong by 60 million years! because of  few crystals found in South Africa nd Australia. and we supposed to take science seriously as a real challenge to our G-d given Torah? I’m all for reconciling Torah and science wherever possible, but give me a break!


2 thoughts on “Science and Torah- age of the universe?

  1. You do understand that science’s age of the universe is an estimate, right? And also, I’m sure you get that 60 million relative to 14 billion is a rounding error, right? Do you really expect normal people to believe that science is going to discover that the universe is only 6,000 years old? Do you believe in talking snakes?

    • doesn’t seem from the article that the error was a rounding error.
      anyway, the main point was that Scientist still haven’t proven anything 100% and probably won’t.
      talking snakes- once again, noone will every prove that they couldnt talk- we know dinosaurs were very large animals different to anything we have today-we have no reason to doubt our religious traditions because of anything science cannot be prove 100% , thats the only point.
      Is it possible to take the biblical accounts less literally if absolutely necessary in the face of 100% scientific evidence? sure- the Rambam wrote that long ago- we just haven’t got there and no saying we will!

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