Jew don’t do that-Innocence lost again


Innocence Lost again

When the Jewish underground bombed Arab Civilians, we said “Jews don’t do that”

When Baruch Goldstein massacred innocent Muslims while they were praying, we said “Jews don’t do that”

When Yigal Amir murdered Rabin, we said “Jews don’t do that”

When a mob of 400 rushed down Yafo street beating up Arab citizens, we were too preoccupied and angry to say “Jews don’t do that”

When a gang of Jews is arrested for burning a 16 year old boy alive in a savage fashion equal to that of ISIS, we still would love to be able to say “Jews don’t do that”

how long can we carry on kidding ourselves with self-righteousness? There are some pretty awful Jews out there, and unfortunately, they “do that.”

They are not the norm, thank God, and our society is not proud of them, but they exist, and might well be growing.

As our enemies continue to taunt us and the government continues to show paralysis, I fear that they will only grow and grow, as they try to show our enemies that they are not the only savages on this planet.

Make no mistake-they are worse than our worst enemies, for because of them, we can no longer say that ” Jews don’t do that .”

That is the victory Hamas has been waiting for, that all the rockets in the world cannot deliver: the death of our innocence



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