Parshas KorachSome pigs are more equal than others

Korach’s biggest claim against Moshe and Aharon was “the whole nation is holy, why do you need to lift yourselves above them.”

It is clear that this argument was flawed, because it was the will of Hashem that certain  people with the correct traits be given a leadership role, and that society not be based on anarchy.

As Chazal said in Pirkei  Avos- one must daven for the welfare of the government, for without  them, each man would swallow his neighbor  alive .

Yet the biggest sin of Korach does not seem to be one of  promoting equality  or even anarchy, but one of exploiting the fight for equality for his own agenda.

Korach was not against the concept of having a powerful leader, he was simply angry that he had not been appointed as one!

מעשה אבות סימן לבנים – the actions of the fathers are a sign for the children .

How often in history have radical leaders pretended to be fighting for freedom and equality, but actually just landed up replacing one imperfect government with a far more repressive one?

Human nature remains human nature and there is nothing new under the sun!

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