Shabbos with Rav Oppenheimer Shelita

Shabbat with Rabbi Oppenheimer in Buenos Aires!

A great highlight of our time in Buenos Aires was spending Shabbos Vayigash with the unofficial “Chief Rabbi of Argentina”, Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer Shelita.

Head of a leading Torah school, Rov of the leading Ashkenazi community in the city, and the head of South America’s largest Kashrus Organization, Ajdut Kosher, this tzaddik of a man is also literally one walking Mussar Sefer who serves the food in his home himself with his wife, like Rabban Gamliel in the Mishna.

Everyone in town seems to know and love him, and he has time for everyone.
What man of this stature would come out at midnight to meet some strangers from South Africa at a local restaurant just to say hello and help us with Shabbos plans.

An oldstyle graduate of the Mir Yeshiva, this Talmid Chochom is really someone special!