Strawberries Survey March 2014- johannesburg

Johannesburg high quality strawberries still clean in summer!

a recent March Survey by Halachic Kashrus found Johannesburg “Woolworths” summer strawberries to be clean of bugs after vigorous washing

A followup to our winter survey last year was performed this March.

3 Mashgichim each checked 3 boxes of strawberries, 2 from woolworths, and 1 for Freshfellas, after vigorous washing under cold water.

Not one bug was found in any of the strawberries.

as samples came out clean after washing, there was no need to test them after soaping, which appears to be unnecessary based on this and last year’s sample.

This was admittedly a small sample, but based on two suppliers and 30 strawberries, and together with last year’s sample of 60 strawberries, we find it pretty convincing that strawberries bought from upmarket supplier Woolworths in Johannesburg can be presumed bug free after the tops are cut off and they are vigorously washed with water- without any soaking in soap!

this is not “psak halocho” but fact reporting, and shows that assumptions about insect infestations need to be regularly checked, and not just assumed to be accurate!

anyone with recent surveys that show precise conclusions to the contrary should please let us know urgently!


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